TFCI Glass Sky Walk Bridge

TFCI News: Walking in Bihar will be fun like US-China, you will be surprised to know the uniqueness of this bridge

Visiting Bihar in 2021 will be like an international destination. This is because the number of tourists in Rajgir (Rajgir International tourist destination) of Bihar usually increases in the month of November-December, but they stay here for a short time. Now many tourist destinations are being created in Rajgir. One of these is the Nature Safari being built in the Reserve Forest Area, where the Glass Sky Walk Bridge has also been built.

According to an official of the forest department, the main gate of this safari spread over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 500 acres has been made very attractive. A Glass Sky Walk Bridge is being constructed near the main gate, which is made entirely of glass and steel frame.

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Up to 40 people can visit the Glass Sky Walk Bridge

The total length of this sky walk is 85 feet and the width is about 6 feet. Its height from the valley is about 250 feet. 40 people will be able to go on it simultaneously, although only 10 to 12 people will be able to go on the D sector at the end.

A bridge will be built over Vaibhar Giri mountain

Built in the foothills of the very ancient Vaibhar Giri mountain of Rajgir, this bridge has three layers of 15 mm glass. The total thickness of the glass is 45 mm, which is completely transparent, which makes it very exciting to walk on.

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Will be completed in March 2021

It is being said that people walking on it will be able to feel themselves floating in the air. It is targeted to be completed by March 2021. By the way, according to the officials, the work of this bridge is almost completed. At the moment the ladder and platform are being built in the final stage.

Glass Sky Walk Bridge

Officials claim that the bridge is being built along the lines of the Sky Walk Bridge in East Taihang, Hebei Province, China. This Rajgir Sky Walk will be the first such bridge in Bihar and the second in the country.

Jarasandh Akada

According to the officials, tourists will also be able to enjoy the zip line, archery under the adventure spot, archery, cycling, trekking paths, mud and tree cottages, wooden huts, medicinal parks. He said that construction of all these is going on. It is being built in the middle of dense forest on the route from Rajgir in Nalanda district to Jethian in Gaya district. Its distance from Jarasandh akhada is about 8 kilometers.

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Nature safari

Mud cottages are being built from mud and straw in Nature Safari. Where people will be able to enjoy living in a natural home amidst nature. Tree cottages have been built here in ancient times to give people the experience of living on trees. This cottage has everything from a bed to a bathroom.

Tourism will increase

However, the officials of the forest department hope that after the completion of all these, not only the number of tourists will increase but also the tourists will come and spend many days here.

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