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TFCI NEWS: Tourism city Ranikhet would have been connected to the railway line before independence

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TFCI NEWS: Currently, the work of connecting the mountainous areas to the rail line is going on fast. Talking about pre-independence, Ranikhet, better known as the tourism city, would have joined the railway line during the British rule itself and perhaps it would have been the first railway line of Kumaon.

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Lord Mayo, the fourth Viceroy of India, was so overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Ranikhet that he wanted to move from the summer capital Shimla to Ranikhet. For speedy development, he had given orders for surveying the railway line from Ramnagar to Ranikhet, but after his death in 1872, his dream could not be fulfilled. Many people also did research on this later.

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The British rulers decided to cut down the forest and build roads and barracks in 1869 before settling the camp here. For this, an advance team of the army was sent here. In his book Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, Pastor James Kennedy of the London Mission Society wrote that in 1869 there was not a single house.

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Two European engineers and a Sergeant lived in a kitchen. Since then, construction started. Lord Mayo was Viceroy of India from 1869 to 1972. When he first visited Ranikhet, he found Ranikhet quite beautiful. He issued orders for laying the railway line from Ramnagar to Ranikhet and conducting the survey, but due to untimely death, this dream remained a dream.

A network of railway lines was laid in Himachal

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After this, Shimla remained the capital and a network of railway lines was laid in Himachal. After independence, people also sent memorandums to the government from time to time for laying railway lines. The demand was made in 1996 to Railway Minister Satpal Maharaj immediately, in 2004 to Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. At present, efforts are on to connect Chaukhutia with the railway line, while demand is also rising from Bageshwar. If Ranikhet had joined the railway during the British rule, it would probably have been the first railway line in Kumaon.

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I have done a long research about the rise and development of Ranikhet. In which the ancient history of Ranikhet, the discovery of the British, the construction and development of Ranikhet, the life of Viceroy Lord Mayo were included. Lord Mayo had given orders for laying the railway line, but the forms were not available at that time.

-Dr. Mahiraj Mahra, Professor, Government Postgraduate College, Ranikhet.

From 1990 onwards, a letter was sent to all railway ministers seeking to connect Ranikhet to the railway line and to start the survey from Ramnagar to Ranikhet ordered during the British rule, but no one showed any will. Lord Mayo died prematurely, if he were alive, both the rail line and the capital would have developed in Ranikhet.

-Mohan Negi, Former Vice President, Cantt Board Ranikhet.TFCI NEWS: Tourism city Ranikhet would have been connected to the railway line before independence

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