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TFCI News: Plan to link hospitals with foreign insurance companies to promote medical tourism

The government is planning to set up a working group to explore possibilities to link Indian hospitals, health centres and Ayurvedic clinics with foreign insurance companies to promote medical tourism in the country.

Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel gave this information. He said that the aim is to ensure that foreign nationals coming to India for medical treatment can be reached by getting insurance done in advance, which will also be valid at all health centres here.

The minister said during an interview with ‘PTI-Bhasha’, “We will form a working group to explore the possibilities of coordination of foreign insurance companies with Indian health centres so that people can avail that insurance for treatment here.” Can. As such, when they reach here, they will already have insurance facility.

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This will be especially helpful for those coming from Iraq or Southeast Asian countries. “The working group will give us suggestions on the model on which our system can be based,” Patel said. Apart from our respective departments, we are also discussing with domestic insurance companies, ”he said.

Officials said that the ministry is also studying the insurance policies of Singapore and other countries.

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