TFCI News rock garden re-opened

TFCI News: Chandigarh’s rock garden re-opened to tourists after 8 months

The world famous tourist destination Rock Garden has been reopened to tourists after eight months. Explain that due to Corona epidemic, all the tourist places of Chandigarh were closed on 23 March itself.

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Chandigarh: Rock Garden, the world’s famous tourist destination, has been reopened to tourists after eight months. Explain that due to Corona epidemic, all the tourist places of Chandigarh were closed on March 23, but now the tourist places are being opened again when the situation is under control. Not only Rock Garden, State Museum and other tourist places have also been opened. These sites have been reopened under the standard operating procedure issued by the Health Department.

After knowing the temperature of tourists, after self-sanitizing with the auto sanitization machine, the distance is being sent to the tourists inside. At the same time, they are being instructed to keep two yards away from each other even while roaming inside. Not only this, touching any surface or other things is prohibited.

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For this, security guards have also been installed in the rock garden. For many days tourists were coming to see the rock garden, but they had to return disappointed. The number of tourists has also increased in winter. You know it by the name of Rock Garden. This garden was inaugurated in 1976.

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This wonderful garden has been prepared in this way

Nekchand used to sit on a bicycle in his spare time and wasted tube lights, broken bangles, plates, sugar cups, flush seats, bottle caps and different types of wastes and stored them here in Sector 1. He wanted to create artifacts from this waste.

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He planned to recycle these materials to shape his thinking, and then he would cycle silently every night and leave for the forest. This sequence lasted for nearly 2 decades. Eventually, Nekchand’s vision took shape as a rock garden. Although at that time, many politicians also tried to demolish the garden by declaring it illegal construction, it could not happen. Nekchand’s good-natured victory.

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