Indian people like to explore the same place

Indian people like to explore the same place, companions making animals to roam

Survey has shown that Indian people like to visit the same place again and again. The popularity of holidaying with pets has also started growing in the minds of Indian travelers.

According to a survey, Indian people have preferred to visit Srinagar, Digha, Manali, Goa and Alibag from February 1 to February 28. The reason for these places is being told to be familiar to them beforehand. From this, it can be said that Indian people prefer to take a holiday in the previously visited places.

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Explore the same place over and over again

Ritu Mehrotra, regional manager of, says that this choice of travelers points to a fundamental and lasting role. Instead of staying close to home and moving to new places, going to familiar places will be at the forefront of the travel agenda. People traveling like a local is estimated to be the highest in 2021.

According to the survey, Srinagar, Digha, Manali, Goa and Alibaug are some of the top trending Indian destinations for locals traveling from 1 February to 28 February, with an increase in stagnation for nearby destinations compared to the previous year is.

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People like to go out walking with animals

The popularity of holidaying with pets, travelling with furry companions has been top of mind of travellers in recent months.’s ‘pet-friendly filter has become increasingly used since the travel ban began. People can continue the trend of travelling with pets in 2021 and beyond.

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How many Indians will travel abroad in 2021

The survey also found that 25 per cent of Indian travellers intend to travel to foreign destinations by the end of this year, while by the end of 2020, 12 per cent travelled abroad.

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